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Pokemon Alpha Sapphire - The GREATEST 3DS GAME SO FAR?

There's a weird scene in GameFreaks' new RPG, one that's so utterly incomprehensible, but so totally revelatory, that it serves to sum up the whole experience: Young hero David and his grandfather, both of whom are hunting for David's kidnapped fiancee, come face-to-face with the villain Fuge. Battle ensues between grandad and Fuge with the player (as David) totally locked out of the action. The old man gets killed, and then, and only then, players are given the option to fight the bad man or flee.


The mind boggles at such an occurence, but Pokemon Alpha Sapphire rom wholly embraces the idea that it would be quite normal for a heroic figure to sit idly by and watch his grandfather be murdered. Sanity and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire rarely occupy the same space at the same time and players will be left to wonder, "Wouldn't it be smarter to double team this bad guy?" or perhaps, "Isn't it ridiculous that David would be prompted to action only after someone's been killed?" It's this bit of paralogia that serves to pothole the game, and the drama of this scene is horribly marred by the fact that the player is reduced to a mere spectator.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire comes to the Nintendo 3DS as a PC port, and an entirely solid one at that. Though it has its flaws (and some its flaws are pretty glaring), Pokemon Alpha Sapphire takes the realtime combat system of the goofy pseudo-RPG Elemental Gimmick Gear and perfects it. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire also provides graphics that are truly worthy of the Nintendo 3DS. There's also a pretty deep and involving storyline (which should take players about 18 hours or so to complete), and a good selection of NPCs whose punch can be added to the adventuring party.


Players control David and must collect a series of eight powerful artifacts to defeat the wizard Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Standard role-playing elements allow our hero to chat with various people he encounters (all of whom lean toward the horribly verbose); form three-man parties; collect weapons, spells, armor, potions, food and other goodies; engage in battles; and improve his skills. A nice wheel- (or pie)-based inventory system allows players to manage collected items and equip goodies without the slightest hassle.